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  • DebCamp9 video streams
    on 24.07.2009, 16:19
    in debconf-news
    DebCamp9 haz internets
    on 16.07.2009, 17:59
    in debconf-news
    DebConf9 schedule
    on 06.07.2009, 20:09
    in debconf-news

    DebCamp9 video streams

    published on Fri Jul 24 16:19:00 2009 in debconf-news

    DebConf9 has finally begun with OpenDay today, Information about video streams is available on our wiki and now I need to stop blogging for our daily organisational meeting, which we conviniently timed at lunch time, so we have a good reason to keep it short :-)

    We are still looking for volunteers for various jobs: food ticket checking, frontdesk work, videoteam work, announcing the speakers and making sure everything is fine with the talks - so if you are here and can spare a few hours once or on several days, please come to frontdesk and speak with us!


    DebCamp9 haz internets

    published on Thu Jul 16 17:59:00 2009 in debconf-news

    The basic infrastructure has already been set up: we have internet at the main venue \o/ via a 20mbit symetric connection. Currently cat5 cables are being placed in the venue, the work to setup the wireless APs has begun, we have a basic frontdesk and the catering is also already providing us with food. Even the temperature is still bearable - inside and outside in the shadow ;-)

    What we are lacking mostly atm are attendees and volunteers - if you can dedicate some time during DebConf or Camp, please talk to the frontdesk and look at our ToDo list.

    DebConf9 schedule

    published on Mon Jul 6 20:09:00 2009 in debconf-news

    The schedule for the upcoming DebConf9 is available. Most of it should be set already, but of course there still can be small changes until the conference starts, and honestly, until it ends :-) But we will try our best to avoid changes less then 48h in advance - and we count on you all here :-)

    As usual we offer various ways to access the schedule:

    • Plain nice html export, available for everyone without needing a login.
    • The same as above but needs a login to access. This one has one extra feature above the non-login version, you can rate an event and its speaker(s) after you attended it.
    • An iCal file
    • A xCal file
    • A XML file

    This should leave enough options for you to deal with it, have fun. :)