Proposing speakers for DebConf17
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DebConf15: Farewell, and thanks for all the Fisch
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TecKids @ DebConf: Register Until Tuesday
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DebConf13 matching fund
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DebConf13 venue and dates
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DebConf8 registration open and CfP
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We’re off to the daytrip!
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Many thanks and kudos to the videoteam!
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DebConf12 schedule ready!
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Call for DebConf14 venues!
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Reconfirmation deadline tomorrow
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Report from our visit to Managua, Nicaragua
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DebConf12 dates announced
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Registration open for DebConf12
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Make DebConf12 a success: donate or become a sponsor
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Proposing speakers for DebConf17

published on Mon Aug 22 13:44:00 2016 in debconf-news

As you may already know, next DebConf will be held at Collège de Maisonneuve in Montreal from August 6 to August 12, 2017. We are already thinking about the conference schedule, and the content team is open to suggestions for invited speakers.

Priority will be given to speakers who are not regular DebConf attendees, who are more likely to bring diverse viewpoints to the conference.

Please keep in mind that some speakers may have very busy schedules and need to be booked far in advance. So, we would like to start inviting speakers in the middle of September 2016.

If you would like to suggest a speaker to invite, please follow the procedure described on the Inviting Speakers page of the DebConf wiki.

DebConf17 team

DebConf15: Farewell, and thanks for all the Fisch

published on Sun Aug 30 18:24:00 2015 in debconf-news

A week ago, we concluded our biggest DebConf ever! It was a huge success.

Handwritten feedback note

We are overwhelmed by the positive feedback, for which we’re very grateful. We want to thank you all for participating in the talks; speakers and audience alike, in person or live over the global Internet — it wouldn’t be the fantastic DebConf experience without you!

Many of our events were recorded and streamed live, and are now available for viewing, as are the slides and photos.

To share a sense of the scale of what all of us accomplished together, we’ve compiled a few statistics:

  • 555 attendees from 52 countries (including 28 kids)
  • 216 scheduled events (183 talks and workshops), of which 119 were streamed and recorded
  • 62 sponsors and partners
  • 169 people sponsored for food & accommodation
  • 79 professional and 35 corporate registrations

Our very own designer Valessio Brito made a lovely video of impressions and images of the conference.

Your browser does not support the video tag.

We’re collecting impressions from attendees as well as links to press articles, including Linux Weekly News coverage of specific sessions of DebConf. If you find something not yet included, please help us by adding links to the wiki.

DebConf15 group photo (by Aigars Mahinovs)

We tried a few new ideas this year, including a larger number of invited and featured speakers than ever before.

On the Open Weekend, some of our sponsors presented their career opportunities at our job fair, which was very well attended.

And a diverse selection of entertainment options provided the necessary breaks and ample opportunity for socialising.

On the last Friday, the Oscar-winning documentary “Citizenfour” was screened, with some introductory remarks by Jacob Appelbaum and a remote address by its director, Laura Poitras, and followed by a long Q&A session by Jacob.

DebConf15 was also the first DebConf with organised childcare (including a Teckids workshop for kids of age 8-16), which our DPL Neil McGovern standardised for the future: “it’s a thing now,” he said.

The participants used the week before the conference for intensive work, sprints and workshops, and throughout the main conference, significant progress was made on Debian and Free Software. Possibly the most visible was the endeavour to provide reproducible builds, but the planning of the next stable release “stretch” received no less attention. Groups like the Perl team, the diversity outreach programme and even DebConf organisation spent much time together discussing next steps and goals, and hundreds of commits were made to the archive, as well as bugs closed.

DebConf15 was an amazing conference, it brought together hundreds of people, some oldtimers as well as plenty of new contributors, and we all had a great time, learning and collaborating with each other, says Margarita Manterola of the organiser team, and continues: The whole team worked really hard, and we are all very satisfied with the outcome. Another organiser, Martin Krafft adds: We mainly provided the infrastructure and space. A lot of what happened during the two weeks was thanks to our attendees. And that’s what makes DebConf be DebConf.

Photo of hostel staff wearing DebConf15 staff t-shirts (by Martin Krafft)

Our organisation was greatly supported by the staff of the conference venue, the Jugendherberge Heidelberg International, who didn’t take very long to identify with our diverse group, and who left no wishes untried. The venue itself was wonderfully spacious and never seemed too full as people spread naturally across the various conference rooms, the many open areas, the beergarden, the outside hacklabs and the lawn.

The network installed specifically for our conference in collaboration with the nearby university, the neighbouring zoo, and the youth hostel provided us with a 1 Gbps upstream link, which we managed to almost saturate. The connection will stay in place, leaving the youth hostel as one with possibly the fastest Internet connection in the state.

And the kitchen catered high-quality food to all attendees and their special requirements. Regional beer and wine, as well as local specialities, were provided at the bistro.

DebConf exists to bring people together, which includes paying for travel, food and accomodation for people who could not otherwise attend. We would never have been able to achieve what we did without the support of our generous sponsors, especially our Platinum Sponsor Hewlett-Packard. Thank you very much.

See you next year in Cape Town, South Africa!

The DebConf16 logo with white background

TecKids @ DebConf: Register Until Tuesday

published on Sun Aug 9 15:08:00 2015 in debconf-news

We are happy to announce that TecKids, a non-profit specialising in working with kids, teaching them technonology, and fostering self-sustaining communities amongst them, will be holding a workshop from 15.08. to 18.08.

The focus is on kids aged 10-15 years old, but kids aged 8-16 years old are welcome to attend if they can follow the course without supervision of theirs parents.

Admission is free of charge, but registration through TecKids’ web form is mandatory. Registration is open until Tuesday, 11 August.

The rough schedule for now is:

  • robotics
  • game programming
  • Arduino

You will be kept up to date on any changes to the schedule and other details by the TecKids team after registration. It is important that you check mail before heading to DebConf in order to receive any last-minute informations.

DebConf15 registrations temporarily closed due to immense popularity

published on Wed Aug 5 09:24:00 2015 in debconf-news

The interest to participate in DebConf15, which will start in 10 days, has been overwhelming. Thank you so much!

We planned the conference for 350 people and we now expect more than 570. This is fantastic and a wonderful support and encouragement for Debian and its contributors. But we are getting to the point where we have to prioritise considerations about the capacity of the venue and the safety of our attendees.

We’ve therefore had to close registrations until we have evaluated further options for accomodating even more attendees. For those of you who did not register for DebConf on time, but still want to participate, please bear with us and make sure to check back soon.

DebConf15 Schedule Published and Additional Featured Speakers Announced

published on Thu Jul 30 19:09:00 2015 in debconf-news

DebConf15 Schedule

The DebConf content team is pleased to announce the schedule of DebConf15, the forthcoming Debian Developers Conference. From a total of nearly 100 talk submissions, the team selected 75 talks. Due to the high number of submissions, several talks had to be shortened to 20 minute slots, of which a total of 30 talks have made it to the schedule.

In addition, around 50 meetings and discussions (BoFs) have been submitted so far, as well as several other events like lightning talk sessions, live demos, a movie screening, a poetry night or stand-up comedy.

The Schedule is available online at the DebConf15 conference site.

Further changes to the schedule can and will be made, but today’s announcement represents the first stable version.

Featured Speakers

In addition to the previously announced invited speakers, the content team also announces the following list of additional featured speakers:

The full list of invited and featured speakers, including the invited speakers profiles and the titles of their talks is available here.

DebConf13 matching fund

published on Wed Mar 20 21:10:00 2013 in debconf-news

As part of the DebConf13 fundraising effort, a generous sponsor, Brandorr Group, has proposed to start a matching fund in USD for DebConf13; in place through the end of April 30th. The rules are quite simple:

  • for each dollar donated by an individual to DebConf13 through the mechanism, Brandorr Group will donate another dollar;
  • individual donations will be matched only up to 100 USD each;
  • only donations in USD will be matched;
  • Brandorr Group will match the donated funds up to a maximum total of 5 000 USD;
  • this generous offer will only stay in place through the end of April 30th, please act quickly, and help spread the word!

For details, please see our Monetary support from individuals page, which also has a short url, for convenience:

Help welcome

As always, the DebConf team is looking for volunteers. Some jobs need technical skills, but many DebConf tasks are about working to deadlines on non-technical issues (e.g. fundraising, budgeting, talk scheduling). You can see more information about some of the jobs to be done on the DebConf wiki.

Please do think about getting involved and sharing your ideas with us, to help us make DebConf an even more useful event for Debian in the future.

We look forward to welcoming you to Vaumarcus!

DebConf13 venue and dates

published on Tue Feb 5 19:20:00 2013 in debconf-news

This post is a quick status update on DebConf13, for those who aren’t following the debconf-team mailing list.

As you may know, this year’s DebConf will be held at Le Camp, in Vaumarcus, Switzerland.  Our concept for this DebConf is to hold it in a natural environment, away from distractions. We hope you will enjoy spending time together with other Debian collaborators in this beautiful part of Switzerland, on the shore of Lake Neuchâtel.


DebConf13 will take place from Sunday 11. August 2013 to Sunday 18. August 2013. (We will use Saturday 10. August 2013 to prepare the venue for the conference.)

You may notice that the dates don’t cover two weeks like in the last few years (there is no separate DebCamp week). For budget reasons, current plans are to merge the two weeks’ activities  into an 8 day period. If you think that’s a pity, it’s not too late to change it — just join the fundraising team and start working quickly!


If you want to start arranging your travel to attend DebConf, some initial travel suggestions may be useful:

  • We recommend that people from nearby countries take advantage of the excellent train connections to Switzerland, rather than looking for flights: the Swiss Federal Railways website, provides a very helpful international travel planner which knows about trains, but also about the local bus connections you will need to reach the DebConf venue.
  • The best railway station to aim for is Yverdon-les-Bains. To get to the venue from there, take a local bus to the bus stop called “Concise, Camp de Vaumarcus”, which is very close to the venue. You can also directly use that name as your final destination in the above travel planner.
  • Nearby airports include Geneva -  GVA (1h30 from the venue by train), Zurich - ZRH (3h from the venue by train) and Basel-Mulhouse - BSL (3h from the venue by train).

The DebConf13 map shows the venue and the bus line (with some stops).


We expect to open registration around the start of March. Currently we are still evaluating some possible new conference management systems, which we hope might avoid the frustrations some attendees have had in the past with Pentabarf.

Help welcome

As always, the DebConf team is looking for volunteers. Some jobs need technical skills (e.g. testing conference management system setups, working on the website), but many DebConf tasks are about working to deadlines on non-technical issues (e.g. fundraising, budgeting, talk scheduling). You can see more information about some of the jobs to be done on the  DebConf wiki.

Please do think about getting involved and sharing your ideas with us, to help us make DebConf an even more useful event for Debian in the future.

We look forward to welcoming you to Vaumarcus!

DebConf11 – Sponsored registration date has been extended

published on Tue Feb 5 18:50:00 2013 in debconf-news

The deadline for sponsored registration for DebConf11 in Banja Luka, originally May 8th, has officially been extended to May 19th. The reasons for the extension are as follows:

Thanks to a significant increase in sponsorship from one of our main sponsors, we have been permitted and encouraged to welcome more people to the conference. The extension is a one-off occurrence in response to this new development, and to allow any potential attendees time to access more information before registering.

Registration is required for everybody who plans to attend any part of Debconf. Access to the conference venue, food and accommodation is controlled through the registration badge. The only exception to the registration requirement is for those who plan to only attend Debian Day.

It is possible to request sponsorship for food, accommodation, and travel. Those who have been involved or contributed to Debian or to other open source projects are eligible to apply for sponsorship, which will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

The professional and corporate categories are for those who are sent and sponsored by their companies. Professional registration covers the actual costs of conference attendance, while corporate registration is just over double that price, and is aimed at those who, besides paying the actual costs, also want to contribute money and help Debian.

— the DebConf team

DebConf11: Short insiders summary of recent developments in DC11 organization

published on Sun Nov 18 22:17:00 2012 in debconf-news

Recently there has been some major developments in DebConf11 organization. In short, I will list some of the most important.


Official DC11 website has finally been completed and now contains a great deal of information for those interested in attending this years conference. Some of the most notable changes include:


Frontpage now contains a small menu with links to most important parts of website, like About, Registration, Contact… Sidebar menu is now divided in 3 categories:

  • The Conference Links to pages which are directly connected with the Conference like About DC, Debian Day, Registration, Call for Papers, Talk Schedules, Payments… Most of these links are hidden at the moment, and will be until the registration is open, to avoid any unnecessary confusion.
  • More Information Basic information for attendees like Important Dates, Accommodations, Venue, Visa… Everything you need to know about your stay in Banja Luka.
  • Practical While these pages have almost nothing to do with the Conference itself, they do provide a vast information about city, getting to Bosnia, some practical information, as well as the Map of the whole city made my me :) …

New Pages added

  • How Can I Help This page contains some basic information for anyone who wants to help out. Weather by volunteering, sponsoring, or just by adding a banner on their website…
    DC11: How Can I Help?
  • Contact Instead of just sending visitors to mailto, we replaced it by a page which contains ALL contact information, emails AND phone numbers (which will be added just before DebCamp starts).
    DC11: Contact
  • Sponsorship Just like with the contact page, we made a page to be more user friendly to any interested parties or individuals, and contains most important info, such as sponsorship levels and contact address.
    DC11: Sponsorship
  • About DebConf11 Actually it’s just a page with a content copied from frontpage (which is now used for something else).
    DC11: About DebConf11

New features:

  • Documentation Is now used to store all important documents and records for public use and sharing, like brochures, official government documents, important public mails, as well as the recordings of all IRC meeting logs. Can be found at:
    DC11: Documentation
  • Frontpage: Navigation To ensure the main goal of website, information availability, frontpage has been redesigned to provide maximum accessibility as well as easy access to any part of the website. DC11: Frontpage
  • Frontpage: Latest News To keep the public and attendees well informed of any important events and developments, we decided to add ‘latest news’ section. Note however, that if you want to stay completely informed of any changes and updates, we still recommend subscribing to our mailing list, which can be found under contact page.
    DC11: Frontpage
  • Map of Banja Luka Because of lack of data on Google Maps and Open Street Map, as well as some other minor local maps, we made a small map of almost whole city and added around 60 or 70 locations which we consider to be of importance for our attendees. Such locations include hotels, parking spots, restaurants, bars, clubs, petrol stations, taxi stations, etc. This page uses simple JavaScript and is not ‘dragable’. Therefore we added Index Location to auto-locate the needed locations, as well as the legend to clarify the category of locations. Pointing your mouse over a certain location will open a small bubble with some info on that location/object. We should also point out that some of this data may not be 100% correct (ie working hours may be off…). Map is available at:
    DC11: Banja Luka City Map

Bosnian language

Site is now available on Bosnian language for native speaking attendees, should they have problems with English version. Every page is available on both languages, which can be changed by clicking on ba/en flag in upper left corner, or DC11: Bosnian Version.


As you may have noticed, the official page received a small face lift. New header with the Government building, a small token of appreciation for all the help the Government is providing; as well as some minor changes in CSS and color scheme. While talking about design, we’d like to thank Leandro Gómez for his help with the header.


Sponsorship Levels

As agreed on the meeting, which took place on 22. of February, [Meeting logs], following sponsorship levels will be used for this years conference:

  • Steel < 1.000 €
  • Bronze > 1.000 €
  • Silver > 5.000 €
  • Gold > 10.000 €
  • Platinum > 20.000 €

Main reason for lowering amounts is due to last years results of high increase in the same. As for the benefits of these levels, the only thing changed is t-shirts / bags places; we believe t-shirts are much more noticeable than bags, and have therefore been promoted to Silver, while bags have been downgraded to Bronze. For a full list of requirements and benefits, please visit: DC11: Sponsorship

Sponsorship Brochure

Sponsorship brochures have finally been completed and are available for a public distribution. The brochures are available in 3 qualities: low, high and original. Low and high quality brochures, ~6Mb and ~8Mb respectively, are for normal distribution to our sponsors, while original quality, at around 240Mb, is intended for maximum quality printing. Just as with the website, each quality is available in both Bosnian and English. Current version of the brochure is 1.1 and is most likely the final one. These brochures are available at Documentation page: DC11: Documentation >> Documents made by Local Team

Or download them directly:

Also, I’d like to thank Mirosal Remetic for making a great template and Pablo Duboue for some very valuable suggestions regarding the structure of the brochure.

Visas and Customs Rules

Many questions have been raised regarding Bosnian visa regime. We got in contact with the embassy and they clarified who can enter our country with(out) Visa. The list can be found on DC11 Wiki: Visa regime. It also states, which countries have a privilidge of ‘ID-only’ entrance. If your country is not listed, that means you will need visa. If you want to know what exactly you need to get one, please visit the this official Government page and chose your country from a drop-down menu. As for the visa itself, as well as the list of Customs Rules, please read DC11: Visa.

Also, thanks to Darjan Prtic for getting the list from the Government officials.

So, what’s next?

If you think, that is it for now, you are dead wrong. At this very moment following is being organized and developed:

  • Registration Registration Team is currently hacking penta and modifying it for this years needs and conditions. We expect to have registrations open by the end of March / beginning of April.
  • Travel and getting to Banja Luka Being one of the greatest obstacle, Travel Team is working hard on finding best routes for attendees and mapping the city…
  • Sponsorship With final decision and agreement for sponsorship levels and brochures ready for public distribution, Sponsorship Team is now actively looking for new sponsors, global and local, preparing various promotional material, as well as planning our advertising strategy.

Final word

Well, these are pretty much the highlights of some recent and some future developments of DebConf11 organizational team. Mind you, there’s a lot more going on, but I tried to give a small summary from the inside. Should you be interested in attending, helping out, sponsoring or just have some questions, feel free to ask them on our mailing list at: I should inform you that this is a public mailing list and its archives are available for a broader public. If you do not wish for your mail to be made public, please direct any enquiry directly to me trough the Contact Form or any other member of Core Local Team, Adnan Hodzic or Velimir Iveljic.

DebConf8 registration open and CfP

published on Sun Nov 18 22:17:00 2012 in debconf-news

Registration is now open for DebConf8, which will take place in Mar del Plata from Sunday 10 to Saturday 16 August 2008.

To register follow one of the processes outlined below:

  • If you registered for last years conference, DebConf7, go to this page to login.
  • If you haven’t registered for last years conference you need an account in the conference management system. To register one, go to the following page and create an account. After visiting the activation URL sent to you by email, go to your user’s page and log in.

After you logged in

After you successfully logged in, please fill in at least the ‘General’, ‘Contact’ and ‘Travel’ tabs reachable through the ‘Registration details’ button on the bar on the left of the page. Please pay special attention to the ‘DebConf’ and ‘DebCamp’ boxes on the ‘General’ tab. You need to select at least the “I want to attend this conference” checkbox or your registration won’t be valid.

Note to users who have an account from last year: We did our best in making sure you do not have to reenter all your personal data again, just the conference specific changes. But please check if it is all still valid.

We suggest that attendees begin making travel arrangements as soon as possible. Some travel information has already been collected at the DebConf 8 site.

Submitting a paper/event

To submit papers, first register for DebConf as described above. Then use the ‘New event/paper’ button on this page and fill in information about your submission on the various tabs. You can use the same interface to submit papers for DebConf and DebCamp, by choosing the appropriate track.

We&#8217;re off to the daytrip!

published on Sun Nov 18 22:17:00 2012 in debconf-news

We are leaving in a couple hours for Xochicalco, one of the many archeological sites here in Mexico. All in all, we are very pleased with the trip we are offering, and really hope everyone likes it.We do have a long day ahead of us, since it will take almost two hours to get there, then we’ll be touring the place for about three hours, go for lunch and then head for Cuernavaca, where we’ll spend a few more hours before heading back here.

I’m pretty sure there will be plenty of pictures of the site for those of you following along at home, so check people’s galleries afterwards.

And, it’s kind of late to say this, since everyone has seen Gunnar’s feeling better, but still: Gunnar, you’ve made some terrific work here! Us mexicans are very proud of you.

Many thanks and kudos to the videoteam!

published on Mon Jul 9 14:59:00 2012 in debconf-news

Thanks to the awesome work of a lot of people (some not even here), this time we did the setup in one day less then previous years, and IMHO it was mostly rather very relaxed and efficient as well!
As you probably will know already, the streams are linked on the DebConf12 webpage and the recordings will be linked there, too, when they are ready. The scheduled release for that is tomorrow evening localtime, we’ll see if we can deliver :-)
To make this happen, there will be a video training session tomorrow morning at 11:00 in talkroom 2, Roberto Terán. The training will cover both the live session setup and the reviewing workflow and is definitly still open for new members!
So once again (one cannot say it enough, so please express your thanks as well) muchisimas gracias to all members of the dc12 videoteam! As Biella once said, you’re ninjas!
Last and definitly not least, many thanks to our equipment sponsors too (HP, IRILL, Debian and individuals)!
cheers, a very happy h01ger!

DebConf12 schedule ready!

published on Thu Jun 28 17:59:00 2012 in debconf-news

The DebConf12 schedule is finally available!

As usual, the DebConf conference can only be finalized a couple of days before DebConf itself starts. But hey — Take a look at it, and start planning your activities!

Not final, never final

Remember that, even now that the conference schedule is announced, you can still submit talks to DebConf, following what we call ad-hoc talks. What are the steps to do it?

  1. Check the schedule and find the timeslot (day, hour and room) you want to talk in
  2. Register your event in Pentabarf, and note the generated event ID (the last number in the URL after the submission is accepted)
  3. Send a mail to detailing the event ID, title (just to confirm it), and the requested timeslot
  4. All requests _must_ be received at least 24hr before the requested event for the scheduling team to act accordingly and for the video team to be able to plan on resources to cover the requested session
  5. Video team coverage (event recording plus streaming on a best-effort basis) will be given to activities scheduled on the Aula Magna and Roberto Terán auditoriums.
  6. We will try to grant requests on a first-come-first-serve basis. If two events are requested for the same timeslot, the first will have precedence, and we will schedule the second as close as possible to it. We will notify the submitters if this happens, of course.

Conference tracks

In DebConf12, many talks are organized around the following tracks:

This track is meant for the local (Nicaraguan/Central American) community to be attracted to Debian. It does not usually have technically minded talks; the DebConf general audience is, of course, invited to take part in it, as there will surely be interesting angles on how Debian is used in different use-cases, and there will be interesting Q&A session with the audience.
Getting involved in Debian
Central America is a very special region. It has vibrant Free Software user groups and communities, among which there is an important interest to get involved in Debian.
This track will have some talks in Spanish, some talks in English, explaining different Debian processes and tools, aiming at attracting locals to contribute to Debian.
Debian for the cloud
All about virtualization. Management infrastructure, details on virtual machine engines, insight on how to tweak your kernel for optimum virtualized performance, and –of course– how to get it all humming perfectly with your Debian packages.
Building and porting
With an every day stronger transit to mobile computing, we are seeing a renaissance of porting. At the same time, we finally have multiarch as part of Debian. And were that not to be enough, we finally have more than one compiler that can be used for most of the software in the archive. Put all this together, and you will have a very interesting track.
Social activities
DebConf is as much about technical stuff as it is about building closer ties within the members of its community. Eating cheese+wine, going on a trip to the guts of a volcano, having a nice banquet… Do you want to add an activity to this pseudo-track?
Skills exchange
Knowledge can also be built by all of us putting our grain of sand. We first had explicit skills exchange sessions in Bosnia last year, and they were very well received. Feel free to propose similar sessions!

And… Well, three days to DebCamp and counting. See you Real Soon Now in Managua!

Call for DebConf14 venues!

published on Wed Jun 20 22:59:00 2012 in debconf-news

2000, Bordeaux, France. 2001, Bordeaux, France. 2002, Ottawa, Canada. 2003, Oslo, Norway. 2004, Porto Alegre, Brazil. 2005, Helsinki, Finland. 2006, Oaxtepec, Mexico. 2007, Edinburgh, United Kingdom. 2008, Mar del Plata, Argentina. 2009, Cáceres, Spain. 2010, New York, United States. 2011, Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina. 2012, Managua, Nicaragua. 2013, Vaumarcus, Switzerland.

We have gone to all different latitudes (although not yet longitudes!). We have had very hot and very cold weather. Great cities and small villages have hosted us. What will be the next addition to this great list?

As we approach DebConf12 (10 days to DebCamp and counting, yay!), we should keep the future in mind. So, as every year in recent history, we will once again have a DebConf session presenting possible venues for the next year.

Organizing DebConf in your city means a lot of hard work. It also means one of the greatest personal experiences you can imagine. And it is a great way to contribute to Debian.

The decision process for every DebConf venue starts two years before, with presentations during DebConf(n-2). That means, if you consider presenting a bid for DebConf14, now is the moment to act!

Do you have to be present at Managua to propose your bid? No. You can proxy via somebody — I’d suggest to do it via somebody who knows the location you are suggesting, but basically, choose a friend that you trust that trusts you. Of course, you can participate in the presentation session via IRC.

Do you have to be a Debian Developer to propose a bid? No. For DebConf9, none of the Cáceres guys was a DD; for DebConf10, some of the people most involved from the local New Yorkers were not DDs. For DC11, none of our hosts in Bosnia are DDs. And for DC12, the dear and overworked Nicaraguan crew is also made from people interested in getting closer to the Debian project, but not DDs.

Do you have to decide now? No. This is just a call for a first presentation, but the decision regarding DC14 will be taken probably around March 2013. However, giving a nice presentation at DebConf helps a lot, gives you visibility, and will get the ball rolling.

Is there a geographical bias? Slight. So far, and since the second DebConf, we have kept the tradition not to repeat continents on two successive DebConfs. This is not a hard condition, however! While there is some probability that DebConf14 will be somewhere in America (the continent, of course), it depends on the proposals more than on any pseudo-rule.

What do you need to start thinking about? Go visit our prospective location checklist. You can also look at what other teams have historically presented. And of course, go to the DebConf14 wiki planning page — Register there, even if you are just in the early phases of finding data.

Reconfirmation deadline tomorrow

published on Tue Jun 19 18:29:00 2012 in debconf-news

Just a quick reminder: if you haven’t reconfirmed in our beloved pentabarf system, that you’ll be attending DebConf12 in Managua in just a bit more then 2 weeks, then… do so now! The reconfirmation deadline is tomorrow!

Report from our visit to Managua, Nicaragua

published on Sat May 12 23:19:00 2012 in debconf-news

I’ve send a mail today with a summary of some of my experiences in Managua and tiny bits of Nicaragua late April / early May 2012. If you are considering going to DebConf12 (which you obviously should do as you are reading this!) go and read this mail, as it includes a thematically sorted list of impressions and advice written by Gunnar, Norman, Leo, Felix and myself, which should give you some better idea about DebConf12 in Managua!

While I spent 14 days in Nicaragua in total, for the last three days I was joined by Gunnar Wolf, to make sure my impressions about the local team, the status of the preparations and everything were correct. Our visit also seems to have been very motivating to local team members, whom I’ve seen really enthusiastic to welcome a huge Debian crowd for the first DebConf in Central America in just a few weeks!

At the last DebConf12 IRC meeting I summarized it like this: “in very short: my two weeks were great, I had a great vacation, met many members of the localteam, which is way bigger then it seems on irc, saw and liked UCA (Universidad Centroamericana, the DebConf12 venue), had zillions of reunions (meetings, see schedule wiki page) and met many nice people and a very hot & interesting country+capital with great countryside.”

The deadline for sponsored accomodation ends in three days - so if you haven’t registered yet, hurry up, DebCamp starts in 49 days! :-) (After that registration is still possible, but you will need to pay for your costs yourself.)

We’re looking forward to see you there and have a great DebConf together! Hopefully we sweat together while Wheezy is frozen :-D

Submit your greatest ideas as a DebConf12 talk (read: Call for Papers reminder)

published on Thu May 10 00:49:00 2012 in debconf-news

DebConf12 is drawing closer and closer! Have you ever been to a DebConf? You will surely agree with us: It’s a life-changing event! It’s one of the greatest geek gatherings in the world! It’s something you can’t afford on missing out! It’s… wait..

Oh, sorry, I had my spam mode set to highest. But still, that does not make it any less true.

And one third of May has already passed. This means that the first deadlines are just around the corner: next Tuesday (15-may), sponsored registration will close, so make sure to register before it’s too late.

But wait… wasn’t this about the call for papers?

Right, that’s not the point of my post, I wandered off again. I’m sorry, I just visited Managua last weekend (Holger will soon tell you about our visit), and it’s impossible to keep the mind off the excitement. I wanted to ask you to share your greatest, latest ideas or projects.

DebConf is about many things — But one of its most important features is its rich set of talks, usually with very high and interesting contents in the technical, social, organizational levels — Or several of them at once.

As always, you will be able to submit talks until a day before you present it. However, it’s best for your intended audience to know bits about your proposed topic, possibly even to share some information beforehand, so that the exposition can be as smooth as possible and the interaction during the talk even more — And this is specially true for BoF sessions.

However, we do have one advertised deadline: Talks submitted up to June 1st will be considered to be pre-scheduled. This means, to be part of the officially announced program, and have guaranteed coverage of our (always great) video team.

DebConf Tracks

But maybe you don’t feel comfortable presenting a topic. Or you are, but you think it would be important to have several thematically related talks be grouped together.

And if you are interested in this group of talks, you will probably know who would be more interesting to invite to present the topics - And will be able to prod them to do so.

You can request to coordinate a track. That will ensure you get a contiguous block of timeslots for the talks you schedule, and do a great contribution to DebConf.

To add your track, please mail Please, specially if you do so in the few days following May 9, send me a copy to, as it seems the alias is not yet set up.

Tutorials and mentoring

This year, we will have a high number of very motivated attendees from the many countries in the Central American region who want to get started in helping Debian, but have not yet found how to do it. Usually we would see local communities as prime material for DebianDay – However, many of them are more interested in getting hands-on tutorials and be mentored into contributing to Debian.

So, if you are part of a team working on a given aspect of Debian, or want to get people involved into your project, register it in the Tutorials and mentoring track.

See you all soon, very soon, in tropical Managua for the hottest DebConf ever!

(oh — For those who remember days long past in Helsinki: There is even a sauna! ;-) And it’s GREAT)

DebConf12 dates announced

published on Thu Apr 12 16:59:00 2012 in debconf-news

The DebConf team just sent out a press release announcing the dates for DebConf12 in Nicaragua.

We hope to see many of you there!

Registration open for DebConf12

published on Thu Apr 12 16:59:00 2012 in debconf-news

The Debian Project is pleased to announce that registration is now open for DebConf12, which will take place in Managua, Nicaragua, from Sunday 8 July to Saturday 14 July 2012. The conference will be preceded as usual by one week of DebCamp, from Sunday 1 July to Saturday 7 July.

As previous years, three different registration options will be available: Sponsored, Professional and Corporate. Through the Sponsored category, the Debian Project intend to help some people attend who would not be able to pay for their own travel to DebConf. The Corporate category, with a USD 1300 (EUR 1000) registration fee is intended for those attending DebConf as representatives of companies. The Professional category, with a USD 650 (EUR 500) registration fee, is intended for any individual or company who wants to help the conference by paying the direct costs of their attendence.

It will only be possible to apply for food and accommodation grants and/or travel grants until 15 May. For more detailed information about how to register, please see the separate announcement from the DebConf team.

Call for papers

Debian invites submissions of proposals for papers, presentations, discussion sessions and tutorials for its DebConf12 conference. Submissions are not limited to raditional talks: you could propose a performance, art installation, debate, or anything else. Official submissions will be accepted until 1 June 2012, 23:59 UTC.

This year, we will continue to organize some talks into thematic tracks. If you have a proposal for a DebConf track, please contact <>. Previous examples included Debian Science, Debian Infrastructure, and Community Outreach tracks. If you would like to be a track coordinator, please volunteer on that list. Detailed information on how to submit an event are available on the mail from the DebConf team.

Make DebConf12 a success: donate or become a sponsor

published on Sat Mar 17 20:29:00 2012 in debconf-news

The Debian Project’s annual conference is slowly coming closer. Visiting places around the world since 2000, DebConf will take place this year in Managua, Nicaragua, in July and will again provide an opportunity for people who contribute to Debian to meet in person for face-to-face collaboration and discussions.

At DebConf we try to bring together as many Debian contributors as possible, including those who could not afford to attend from their own resources. You can help make DebConf12 a success by your organisation becoming a sponsor, or by donating money as an individual.

Individual donations can be made online in either US dollars or euros.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, you can find more information about DebConf12 sponsor page or directly contact <>.

In addition to monetary donations, sponsorship can be provided in the form of in-kind donations, or by lending equipment for the conference period.