The newsletter for the Debian community
on 28.11.2016, 00:00
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The newsletter for the Debian community

published on Mon Nov 28 00:00:00 2016 in weekly-news

For other news, please read the official Debian Blog Bits from Debian, and follow which RSS-feeds the @debian profile in several social networks too.

The newsletter for the Debian community

Debian's Security Team releases current advisories on a daily basis (Security Advisories 2016). Please read them carefully and subscribe to the security mailing list.

Internal News/Happenings

Debian "Stretch" has entered its transition freeze. There will be no new library transitions or package transitions that involve a large number of packages.

Events: Upcoming and Reports

On 4 December 2016 there will be a Bug Squashing Party in Dresden, Germany. See the wiki page for details.

Help needed

All Debian contributors - from bug reporters to Debian project members and participants in any Debian team - are invited to take part in the first edition of the Debian contributors survey. The deadline for participation is: 4 December 2016, at 23:59 UTC. See more details in the call for participation mail.

More than just code

1,898 people and 19 teams are listed on the Debian Contributors page for 2016.

Outside News

Daniel Pocock attended the first summit of the Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE), and sent a report about it.


Freexian issues monthly reports about the work of paid contributors to Debian Long Term Support.

Quick Links from Debian Social Media

This is an extract from the feed, in which we have removed the topics already commented on in this DPN issue. You can skip this section if you already follow or the @debian profile in a social network (, GNU Social, or Twitter). The items are given unformatted, and in descending order by date (recent news at the top). Sorry for the long list, we expect to deliver these "digests" more often in the future.