The newsletter for the Debian community
on 01.10.2012, 00:00
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The newsletter for the Debian community

published on Mon Oct 1 00:00:00 2012 in weekly-news

The sixth update for Debian 6.0 (codenamed "Squeeze") has been released. This update mainly adds corrections of security problems to the stable release, along with some adjustments for serious problems.

Reports from the latest BSPs

The bug squashing party held in Dublin on Saturday, 8 September was hosted in Google office space and gathered 15 people. In addition to its impact on the Release-Critical bugs list it triggered the bootstrapping of a local Debian community with the desire to hold a second such party in October.

The newsletter for the Debian community

The following weekend, another bug squashing party held in Berlin gathered approximately 25 people who also worked on German translations besides dealing with Release-Critical bugs.

Results from Debian's Google Summer of Code

Ana Guerrero sent a report about Debian's Google Summer of Code. Debian has been participating in the Google Summer of Code since 2006, and sponsored 15 projects this year, of which 12 finished successfully. Students supervised by Debian mentors worked on various aspects of the project, including improvements to, the development of multi-arch cross-toolchains, and metrics for team activities, to name just three. Some of these results have already been included into Debian. The Debian project thanks those who took part, including especially the students for their contributions, and invites them to continue being involved in making Debian better.

Mini DebConf in Paris

Sylvestre Ledru, on the behalf of the organisation team, announced that the second Mini DebConf in Paris will take place on 24 and 25 November and will be hosted by EPITA. His message mentions that a BSP will be in progress through the entire event, and that they're currently soliciting talks for the event.


There has been a DebianEdu interview with Giorgio Pioda who describes, among other things, how he got involved in Debian Edu and his views about it.

Other news

Since the CIA service for monitoring VCS repositories via IRC is now dead, Martín Ferrari proposed KGB as a replacement.

Upcoming events

You can find more information about Debian-related events and talks on the events section of the Debian web site, or subscribe to one of our events mailing lists for different regions: Europe, Netherlands, Hispanic America, North America.