The newsletter for the Debian community
on 21.08.2012, 00:00
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The newsletter for the Debian community

published on Tue Aug 21 00:00:00 2012 in weekly-news

On August 16, the Debian Project celebrated its nineteenth birthday since Ian Murdock's original founding announcement.
Debian contributors and users celebrated it all over the globe: appreciation messages and pictures of the parties can be followed on the Thank you Debian website, maintained this year by Lincoln de Sousa and Marcelo Jorge Vieira. You can submit your own message directly on the web platform or using the hashtag #thxdebian.
For this occasion, Leandro Gómez created a nice birthday postcard while some other contributors blogged about their first experiences with Debian.

Help the Debian Installer team: test the new version of the installer

The Debian Installer team announced the first beta release of the installer for Debian 7.0 "Wheezy". The team asks Debian users to help in testing and improving this new version of the installer: while there are some known issues with the installer that do not need to be reported, it is very important to try the installer in order to find all possible bugs before the release.
Problems should be reported as an installation report.

Bits from the DPL

Stefano Zacchiroli sent his monthly report on DPL activities. Stefano reported about the ongoing discussion with the FSF about Debian Freeness, as well as an important discussion about the trademark policy draft and the logo relicensing.

Other news

The 30th issue of the miscellaneous news for developers has been released and covers the following topics:

The newsletter for the Debian community

Justin B. Rye has started an informational wiki page describing where package names come from, suggestively entitled "Why the name". As the page description says, giving cryptic names to software is a well-established UNIX tradition, and the explanations are often missing from the documentation, either because the developers imagine it's obvious (usually wrongly) or because they think nobody cares (and here they're usually right, or it would turn up as FAQ material).

Upcoming events

You can find more information about Debian-related events and talks on the events section of the Debian web site, or subscribe to one of our events mailing lists for different regions: Europe, Netherlands, Hispanic America, North America.