HPs Debian/ProLiant support active
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Debian Weekly News 2006/41
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DebConf 7: Registration open and Call for Papers
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Release update: Etch+1 = Lenny, Call for Testing, Time shift
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Debian Installer Etch Release Candidate 1 released
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Etch will be LSB 3.1-certified
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HPs Debian/ProLiant support active

published on Wed Nov 29 11:19:25 2006 in news, success-stories

As announced in August, HP has now gone live with support for ProLiant. More information is available at http://hp.com/go/debian.

Debian Weekly News 2006/41

published on Tue Nov 28 00:00:00 2006 in weekly-news

Welcome to this year's 41st issue of DWN, the newsletter for the Debian community. Due to unfortunate circumstances the weekly newsletter stopped being released weekly and will only be finalised when enough people have contributed. Thanks to Sebastian Feltel for nearly writing this issue alone. Bill Allombert began to evaluate package set upgrades from sarge to etch to find out how smooth the upgrade goes.

GNOME 2.14 in Etch

Jordi Mallach announced that the Debian GNOME team has decided to ship GNOME 2.14 with the upcoming etch release. Due to several problems with the latest version 2.16 they prefer the stabilised and well tested version 2.14 to be shipped with etch rather than an relative new GNOME 2.16 for which backports shall be provided.

Debian Conference 7

Moray Allan announced that the next DebConf will take place from June 17th to June 23rd in Edinburgh, United Kingdom. Just before the conference there will be a DebCamp starting on the 10th of June where Debian developers are invited to work together on several Debian-related projects. On the 16th of June a DebianDay is scheduled which is mainly targeted at the Debian users. All people whether Debian developers or Debian users are welcome to attend.

First Debian Installer Release Candidate

Frans Pop announced the first release candidate of the debian-installer for etch. After a long time of development this release candidate includes a lot of improvements like installing onto encrypted LVM partitions, a graphical GTK-based installation method and partition resizing. It is based on the Linux kernel 2.6.17. A second release candidate is planned which will use Linux 2.6.18, the default kernel for etch.

DebConf Registration and Call for Papers

Moray Allan announced the registration phase for the upcoming Debian Conference, which will be take place Edinburgh, UK. He also asked for submission of proposals for papers, presentations, discussion sessions and tutorials until January 31st. There is a web interface for attendees and for submitting proposals.

Etch Release Update

Steve Langasek stated that the stabilisation phase of etch is about three months behind former expectations and due to this fact the prospected release date of December, 4th could not be met anymore. Apart from that the distribution is in good shape, almost all release goals are met or in the process of being met and the number of release critical bugs is continuously going down.

Help with the Debian FAQ

Javier Fernández-Sanguino Peña called for help with the release by improving our documentation by helping to update the Debian GNU/Linux FAQ. Some content is available in the Wiki but still has to be reviewed and rewritten for the FAQ. He asked the maintainers to take a look at the current version, check if frequently asked questions of users are included and submit bug reports if they are not.

New Sparc Development Machine

Martin Michlmayr reported that Sun has donated a new Sun Fire T2000 to the Debian project. The machine will be used for the sparc port and consists of 8 UltraSparc T1 processor cores, 32 GB of RAM and two 70 GB hard disks. The machine is not in the debian.org domain to give external people access to it. Developers who want to have access to it should contact Bastian Blank. The Debian project would like to take the opportunity to thank Sun for the donation.

New Debian Archive Signing Key

For the upcoming release of etch a new GnuPG key has been created. This is the first Debian release supporting Secure APT so that users will be able to verify the authenticity of Debian packages prior to installing them on their machines. The Wiki page explains how to import the new signing key and provides an overview about the functionality of Secure APT.

DebConf 7: Registration open and Call for Papers

published on Fri Nov 17 21:20:13 2006 in event-announce, news

The DebConf team announced that Registration is now open for DebConf 7. The same mail contained the Call for Papers - papers are due till 31 January.

DebConf 7 will take place from 17 to 23 June 2007, preceded by a weeks DebCamp.

Release update: Etch+1 = Lenny, Call for Testing, Time shift

published on Thu Nov 16 16:03:04 2006 in news, release

The Debian Release Team published today a new release update, http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2006/11/msg00004.html.

A few days since the debian-installer has released their Release Candidate 1 for Etch the release team has called for testing the new installer, and also to start with upgrade reports. The draft of the release notes on http://www.debian.org/releases/etch/ together with the current open issues on http://bugs.debian.org/release-notes/ is fairly accurate. However, there is currently no security support. While security support for embargoed issues is not yet available for etch and there are release-critical bugs yet to resolve, the release team is "happy to remind you that even before the freeze, testing is of very high quality; [...] just not quite the perfection we look for in a release".

The release team also announced that the next release after Etch will be codenamed Lenny.

Debian Installer Etch Release Candidate 1 released

published on Tue Nov 14 08:59:01 2006 in news, release

The Debian Installer team is proud to announce the first release candidate (RC1) of the installer for Debian GNU/Linux Etch.

Improvements in this release of the installer

  • This new version of the installer uses and installs the 2.6.17 kernel which is now the default for all architectures.
  • The installer will now create ext3 partitions with important options like resize_inode and dir_index enabled by default; the first means that on-line resizing of ext3 partitions is supported.
  • The 2.6.17 kernel should support installing from most CD-ROM/DVD drives in systems with a SATA controller. However, there are known issues in 2.6.17 with some controllers that have been fixed in 2.6.18.
  • Guided partitioning now also supports setting up the system on an encrypted LVM partition.
  • Because of the previous change, the user interface for guided partitioning was modified: users are now asked first for the type of guided partitioning to be done and next for the disk to be used. This change also affects preseeding 1).
  • Improved support for fully automated installations 1).
  • It is now possible to partition multiple disks with software RAID (levels 0, 1 and 5) using preseeding 1).
  • When configuring the network using DHCP, the installer will send vendor-option-string "d-i". Using this the DHCP server can be set up to tell the installer which preconfiguration file to use 1).
  • Because SELinux has been made standard priority, newly installed systems will have SELinux support. However, to actually use SELinux, this needs to be enabled manually after the installation.
  • Architecture specific:
    • i386: installation from floppy disk is supported again
    • arm: the Linksys NSLU2 has switched to the generic ixp4xx kernel and now uses APEX as the 2nd stage boot loader; using APEX allows to work around the NSLU2's 1 MB kernel limit
    • arm: support for the sub-architecture IOP32x has been added; the first device that is supported is the GLAN Tank
  • Added the following languages (for the graphical installer only): Gujarati.

No longer supported as of this release

  • Installation using a 2.4 kernel.
  • The following languages have been dropped because their translations were not sufficiently complete to be included in the Etch release: Belarusian, Gaelic (Irish), Georgian, Icelandic, Kazakh, Malagasy, Northern Sami, Persian, Welsh, Xhosa.

Known issues in this release

  • Partition resizing using partman may result in data loss if the starting sector of the partition is not at the start of a cylinder.
    This has been observed in particular for NTFS partitions created during installation of Windows Vista Beta 2. Resizing of NTFS partitions created by earlier Windows versions should still work.
    Because of this resizing of NTFS partitions containing Windows Vista has been blocked.
  • There are some usability issues for S/390 installs.
  • There are still various issues for some powerpc subarchitectures.
  • For sparc32 CD-ROM support is broken in the esp kernel driver; use the netboot installation method instead.
  • For SGI Indigo2 systems (mips) keyboard support may still be broken (#382983).
  • VGA console on TITAN- and TSUNAMI-class systems (alpha) is not supported; this is expected to be fixed for RC2.
  • Known issues for the graphical installer:
    • some tasks (e.g. the File server task) may not install correctly due to bug #282147
    • switching consoles will crash the frontend on amd64
    • support for keymaps other than US has improved, but there are still some issues (deadkeys and combining characters do not work)
    • limited support for creating encrypted partitions
    • touchpads may not work correctly; use an external mouse instead
    • should work on almost all PowerPC systems that have an ATI graphics card, but is unlikely to work on other PowerPC systems.

See the errata for details and a full list of known issues.

Note that at least one more release of the installer is expected before Etch is released; this next release of the installer will use the 2.6.18 kernel.

Our thanks to everybody who has contributed to this release. Special thanks to Sylvain Ferriol for his work on 2.6 based installation floppies for i386.

Installation CDs, other media, errata and everything else you'll need are available from our web site.


  1. These changes are documented in the development version of the installation guide in the appendix "Automating the installation using preseeding".

Etch will be LSB 3.1-certified

published on Wed Nov 1 21:17:51 2006 in news, release

Today, the Debian Release Managers announced in a mail to all developers, http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2006/11/msg00000.html that the upcoming stable release 4.0, codename "Etch" will be certified according to the Linux Standard Base (LSB) version 3.1.

LSB is an important cross-distribution standard for binary compatibility, to ease application vendors development for linux-base binaries.

Debian is currently busy preparing the next stable release, which is targetted for December 2006.