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  • Debian at Systems Expo in Munich, Germany
    on 20.10.2008, 20:22
    in event-announce

    Debian at Systems Expo in Munich, Germany

    published on Mon Oct 20 20:22:19 2008 in event-announce

    The Debian project will be present again at this year's Systems expo which takes place from October 21-24 in Munich, Germany. The Debian booth will be located in the "Prospects for Open Source" area together with other Debian-related projects like Skolelinux/Debian-Edu as well as other Free Software projects in Area B2, Booth 315.

    At the booth, a preview of the next version of Debian, lenny, will be presented. Further, t-shirts, keychains, stickers and other Debian merchandise can be obtained at the booth. All interested Debian users are invited to pass by the booth for questions or a chat.

    Besides the official Debian booth, there will be some other interesting booths for visitors concerning Debian:

    • The City of Munich's LiMux project, which migrates all city council's desktops to GNU/Linux will be present Area B2, Booth 420.
    • GeNUA GmbH (Area B3, Booth 321) provides system administration services for Debian GNU/Linux
    • Gonicus GmbH (Area B2, Booth 317) provides consulting, services and support for the deployment of and migration to Debian-based infrastructure and presents their GOsa/FAI based management/deployment system
    • Univention GmbH (Area B2, Booth 426A) presents their Debian-based Univention Corporate Server (UCS) which integrates cross-site and cross-platform identity and infrastructure management